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Lab Planetary Mixer/ Lab Vacuum Mixer / Lab Vacuum Homogenizer

PRISMŽ New LABOplanetarymix : Lab Planetary Mixer- Ointment/Cosmetic

 Liquid & Ointment Homogeneous Mixing Technik

The NewLABOplanetary machine is used to mix Liquid to Liquid, Liquid to solid, and solid to solid are in Pharmaceutical Powder, Granules, Ointment, Cream, Galantine, Cosmetics, Food, Confectionary, Chemical and Soaps. It has a homogeneous mixing action and planetary motion (Single or Double Planetary) of the beater enables faster and better mixing of material. The planetary mixer is an intensive mixing, dispersing, kneading and degassing viscous, heat sensitive and above all, cohesive pastes, dough and moist, crumbly masses, such as sealing compounds, adhesives, printing inks, dental plastics, plastisols, condensed soups, battery compounds, cream cracker dough, etc Schematic arrangement of mixing action of the high shear blade agitator system is contrary to conventional planetary mixer; the two blade configurations sweep the wall of the can clockwise and rotate in opposite directions at about three times the speed of travel. The shear blades displace the material from the walls of the can and by their overlapping action the center carry the particles towards the agitator shafts, therefore producing a large field of shear forces. By this means even highly viscous and cohesive material can be efficiently mixed. . Rotation of the Planetary Blades on their own axis while they travel around the center of the mixing bowl ensures complete and effective mixing.

The Product container provided with jacketed to heat and cool with circulation of steam/ cold water. Machine can specially designed to operate under vacuum to remove air entrapment in product during mixing, open type beater to cover full cross section of product in bowl, Teflon fitted on SS scrapper provided to scrap product sticking on the bowl. Also option for customized blade design for mixing powder, Liquid, Ointment, Gel & Cream with planetary action.

New Design Features:

  • Designed strictly compliance with the stipulation of cGMP
  • Capacity up to 5,000 liters.
  • Product contact parts AISI 316/ 316 L Quality
  • Machine portable and compact in designed single base structure to for simplicity in mounting.
  • Option for Single or Double Planetary Blades with different shape of blade for specific process.
  • Easy to load, unload and sealing of product container.
  • Rigid Drive with gear box and motor.
  • Machine blade can be operated at two speed or Option for Variable speed.
  • Floating scraper blade adjusts to bowl contour.
  • Option for batch size 5 liter to 25 Liter capacity.
  • Option for Central mixer, Single Planetary mixer, Double Planetary Mixer, Contra Mixer, Anchor mixer with homogenizer, Homogenizer
  • Option available for different type Stirrer up Vertical or combinations of blades available with Anchor type, Homogenizer, Contra Mixer and Paddle mixer.
  • Option for Heating, Cooling, Vacuum Construction or PLC Controls.
 Lab Planetary Mixer
Lab Planetary Mixer
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